The Southwestern Gynecologic Assembly was founded in 1966 through the combined efforts of several Dallas and Fort Worth practicing physicians and Dr. Jack Pritchard, Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School.

The first SGA executive committee members from Dallas were Drs. W. K. Strother, Jr., Oran V. Prejean, W.P. Devereux, D. G. Harrel, E. B. Mendel, J. T. Downs, III, Jack A Pritchard, Reuben H. Adams, Paul C. MacDonald, G. C. Nabors, James H. Goodson, Joseph E. Wilke, Harwin B. Jamison and Robert M. Todd. Fort Worth physicians were Drs. Jerrell Bennett, Noel R. Bailey, James G. Stouffer and Charles E. Braselton.

From the very beginning, the SGA dared to be different from most clinical meetings that served multiple topics. Instead, the SGA meetings focused on an important contemporary but relatively narrow topic, which was dissected and discussed from its basic science foundations to the most up-to-date clinical applications. The premier meeting "The Fetus" was held December 1-3, 1966 in Dallas.

The purpose of the organization was and still remains, to promote the advancement of knowledge in the profession of Obstetrics and Gynecology for its members. Throughout its 49-year history, the SGA has excelled in bringing many eminent clinicians and researchers to the annual clinical meeting in Dallas.

Today, the SGA is attended by physicians from throughout the US and abroad and it is a favorite meeting among the many physicians who have received their post-graduate medical education in residency programs in Dallas and Fort Worth.